FIMCOBASE is a gum base producer established in Egypt in 1996.
Experience of technicians is based on a deep and long career of
more than 25 years.

Production was launched to supply some of local chewing gum
makers by a capacity of 3000 ton/years.After fifteen years Fimcobase
contributed to the gum base industry covering most of the Egyptian market,
Africa and Middle East and some countries in Latin America and Asia.

The entire ingredients are selected among the highest food grade and
most reputable suppliers in the world to assure the quality standard of
our Gum Base.

To reach this position in the international chewing gum world and to satisfy
the customer's requirements in quality. FIMCOBASE has the certifications of
ISO 22000,BRC,ISO 9001,ISO 45000 And HALAL.

Fimcobase is Member in:
  • International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA).
  • Federation of Egyptian Industries.
  • Chamber of Food Industries.
  • Chambre de Commerce Egyptienne d'Alexandrie.
  • Egyptian Exporters Association.
  • New Borg El Arab Industries Association.

FIMCOBASE products are conforming to the Egyptian,European and
American food,health and sanitary regulation and standard specifications.