FIMCOBASECO. is a pioneercompany in the production of the raw material of gum industry. Has a vision to be a major production unitin the entire region

Therefore,the company is committed to provide safe products for human health through:

*    Operating in accordance with the requirements of:

  ISO 9001: 2015

*   ISO 22000/2005

*   OHSAS18001/2007

*   Global standard for food safety (BRC)

*   HALAL Standard

Top management isdemonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to customer focus by ensuring that.

*   Customer and applicable statutory and regulatoryrequirements are determined, understood and consistently met.

*   The risks and opportunities that can affect theconformity of products and services and the ability to enhance customersatisfaction are determined and addressed.

*   The focus on enhancing the customer satisfaction ismaintained.

*   The continuous training of the company's employees toincrease their performance levels, reduce waste in time and raw materials,reduce pollution of the environment and work risks to the occupational safetyand health.

*      Take accountability for the effectiveness of the QMS,food safety, occupational health& safety.

*      Ensure the quality policy is communicated, understood, appliedwithin the organization and objectives are established and compatible with thecontext and strategic direction of the company.

*        Promote the use of a process approach and risk-basedthinking. 

*        Ensuring that the QMS achieves its intended results.

*        Engage, direct and support persons to contribute to theeffectiveness of the QMS.

*        Promote improvement.

*   Support other relevant management roles to demonstratetheir leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

*   Establish partnerships with the suppliers and theinterested parties to provide an improved service.

*   This policy is updated annually to ensure that it remainsrelevant to the Company's activity.

*   This policy is available to relevant interested parties.

IssueDate: 23/10/2018